There are several subpages to choose from.  The link to Good Touch will take you to a page where you can hear excerpts from that CD.  Or, you can go straight to CD Baby for purchasing info. The In Progress link will take to you a page that has songs I have recorded, but haven't been mastered yet.


Know a song you would like me to record?  Let me know, I'm always looking for new material.


I'm also looking for a good virtual guitar software program - something that would allow interactive and/or collaborative song writing for guitar.  If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know - we can work on something together.  That would be an interesting project.

News & Views

Good Touch is available through CDBaby.  See the Music page for more info and song samples.


8/26/16:  Guitar music featured during dinner hours for the 8th annual Mountain Resource Center Bowls event on Tuesday, October 18th. 

8/27/14:  Good Touch accepted by Pandora for inclusion in the Music Genome Project.  See the press release page for more information.

8/10/14:  Incomprehensible lyrics to 60's hit Along Comes Mary linked to Mayan hieroglyphs...see Blog for more...

7/1/14:  Audio pages updated to allow streaming of all songs from Good Touch in full.

6/7/14:  New blog entry describing recent experience with - scam, or legitimate service?  

4/1/14:  Radio Guitar  chooses "Mine/Her Dance" from Good Touch for their New Tracks playlist.